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ENAC e certificazioni.

Buongiorno a tutti,

È da un po' che sono appassionato di droni. Sono già riuscito a distruggerne due :) e ho il terzo in preparazione. Vivo negli Stati Uniti, e contavo portare il mio drone in Italia quest'estate.

Senonché, cerco informazioni legali re

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3.0.0 RC5 - Fall from 30 meters - Crash log

Dear all,

yesterday my beautiful hexacopter crashed from a 30m altitude. I'm pretty sure all of you know the feeling, and it's part of this hobby. I'm going to fix this, however I'd love to have some insights of why this happened. You know, just to av

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Flight times > 10m?

Dear group,

I'm trying to list the components of a custom build hexacopter that would aim at:

  1. transporting a GoPro HERO 3 camera (for both video and FPV)
  2. being very stable (no jello effect)
  3. have flight times of 10 or more minutes.

Using ecalc [1] I've tri

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