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Robin Szeto posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
RC signal loss, hence RTL triggered. However, to my surprise, RTL has been triggered twice (see picture). Blue followed by purple. The final landing place is 80m from the initial place that I launch it. Anyone experienced this before?two RTL.JPG
Apr 21, 2013
Robin Szeto commented on Pete Hollands's blog post Demonstration of Adaptive Control
There is PID and Auto tune PID library in Arduino! Anyone tried it before?"
Jan 27, 2013
Robin Szeto commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Introducing the new better, cheaper APM 2.5+ kit (with power supply/sensor, enclosure, new GPS)
"I am using the APM2.5 and power module. However, on the mission planner screen, I can only see "Voltage" displayed correctly. The current reading is ALWAYS 0A. What has gone wrong? Can anyone help?"
Jan 22, 2013
Robin Szeto replied to Scott Palmer's discussion Futaba 6ex and flight modes
"Arduino Nano code:

#include <Servo.h>
volatile int futaba_ch5; // Here's where we'll keep our channel valuesvolatile int futaba_ch6;volatile int mix1;volatile int mix2;volatile int mix;volatile long mixed;
Servo myServo;
void setup() {
Jan 14, 2013
Robin Szeto replied to Ritchie's discussion Not got a 3 way switch?
"I love this!"
Dec 31, 2012
Robin Szeto commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Micro UAV can be launched from aircraft flare tubes
"Switchblade style!."
Dec 28, 2012