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I am currently deployed to Iraq as an adviser to the Iraqi Military Inspector General. My interest is prodding the Iraqi Air Force into developing their own UAVs for communication and surveillance which if you have heard the US Sec Def is needed in this part of the world.


Meridian, MS

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Roger Gerrard replied to Roger Gerrard's discussion Angle of Attack Sensor
"I agree the rotary position sensor is the simpler way to go, until you start trying to find a place to put it that has a consistent airflow relative to the wing chord. I have a hall effect sensor and vane and have been moving it around the aircraft.…"
Jan 18, 2010
Roger Gerrard posted a discussion
Hi All:I found a discussion last fall about the 2 axis thermopile board being available soon, but have not seen the commercial product mentioned again. Is this a dead issue or did I miss it in my search?Does this board work significantly beter than…
May 23, 2009
Roger Gerrard posted a discussion
I have been beating my head against the wall on this one for awhile. I have two thoughts:A rotary position sensor and a vane. Has anyone built one? Or is there a commercial one out there?More recently I have been looking at a laser doppler…
May 18, 2009
Roger Gerrard replied to Roger Gerrard's discussion Incorporating Solar to Increase Loiter Time

Will you give some more details on your power regulating circuit? And are you running just the solar panels or connected to batteries also.

With all I have read I am afraid of overcharging a battery in || with the solar panels.

It is good…"
Jul 5, 2008
Roger Gerrard posted a discussion
This forum reaches some very savvy electronic engineers. Can you help me with the details of integrating solar panels into a design to increase loiter time, or point me to another forum dealing with this topic.I have a picture of the Aerriane Swift…
Jul 5, 2008
Roger Gerrard posted a discussion
Has anyone looked at the Dragon On Screen Display from Intelligent Flight? I ran across this while looking at the Hobby Lobby site for the pilot view FPV 2400.It looks like an easily integrated system for a newbie like myself.Thanks, Roger
Jul 1, 2008
Roger Gerrard posted a discussion
I have just joined and am very impressed with the work you all are doing. I am deployed to Iraq with one son just north in Baghdad and another son with a provincial reconstruction team in Afghanistan. I have a great interest in seeing stable…
Jun 14, 2008