Longview, TX

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I spent 5 years flying the RQ-7B Shadow UAS and Aerosonde Mk 4.7 UAS as a civilian contractor. Currently launching a college degree program at my alma mater, LeTourneau University in Longview, TX. We are pursuing a Section 333 exemption and will utilize 3D Robotics products (aero, IRIS+, etc) to train and develop professional UAS operators.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Personally, I am interested in UAVs as used for search and rescue and first response support. I am pursuing an MS in Unmanned Systems from Embry-Riddle University.


Longview, TX

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Ruedi Schubarth replied to Chad Frazer's discussion $100 Gift Card to whoever solves this: Airspeed Creep - Airspeed artificially increasing - Fixed Wing (ROUND TWO!)
Any thought given to the stated limitations of the MS4525DO chip (and others)? They all pretty much give 95% humidity (non condensing, even) as a maximum limitation. I'm in E. Texas, and the humidity is regularly above 95%. The TE data…"
Apr 20, 2017
Ruedi Schubarth replied to SteveL's discussion Black Pearl rc801 Battery not working in IRIS
"I have the 3DR version with two batteries. I have the same non-charging issue with one of the batteries, while the other one charges and operates without external power just fine. Definitely seems like a battery issue, bummer your replacement one…"
May 28, 2015
Ruedi Schubarth replied to Jeff Treadway's discussion Follow Me or Not ? in IRIS
"I'll third the comment- automatic modes ("dronie", Follow Me) didn't function well or at all in Tower, DP2 works fine."
Mar 29, 2015
Ruedi Schubarth replied to Matt Alter's discussion Traveling with Iris + in IRIS
"Hi Matt-
The Iris case is sturdy and great for travel. It is bigger than allowed for carry-ons.
The TSA has the information about the guidelines, and they get their information from the DOT: Traveling With Lithium Batteries

The key term is…"
Mar 21, 2015
Ruedi Schubarth replied to Erik Graham's discussion Reduce vibration and jello to get smooth video. in IRIS
"Hi Erik-
Thanks for the run-down! This is a great summary.

What is your ~average flight time with the IRIS+ hanging the DYS 3-axis?  I'm currently getting 15 minutes with a 550-size hexacopter/DYS smart3, and I recently ordered an IRIS+, curious…"
Mar 4, 2015
Ruedi Schubarth replied to matt wollam's discussion Long Endurance
"Mr. Wollam-
If I may add to the discussion, here is your handbook to success: FAA Order 8130.34C - Airworthiness Certification of UAS and OPA
Good luck."
Feb 27, 2015