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Sam commented on vis.asta's blog post First test of targeting system.
"OoooOOooOOo.  What hardware'd you use to acheive this & do you want some help with software dev?  I'm totally down."
May 28, 2013
Sam posted a discussion
Hi All,    As a real noob when it comes to piloting, and since I live in Brooklyn where there's a real absence open spaces to fly I was thinking about creating a new flight mode to give me more control over the throttle. My thought is to make the…
Apr 24, 2013
Sam posted a discussion
Hi Everyone,     Last week I had a pretty bad crash from ~35 meters w/ my new GoPro attached.  The flight started off well in stabilize mode.  I took the 'copter up pretty high and set it to loiter mode so that I could get a good high-def look at…
Apr 22, 2013
Sam replied to Sam's discussion Motors beeping and twitching + 3dradio won't connect
"So after the full day's tinkering, I've made some head-way on this (in the end, very embarrassing) issue and it's left me with a few more questions. 

Apparently the problem was just caused by my ignorance when it came to the usage of LiPo…"
Mar 2, 2013
Sam posted a discussion
Hi All,Just got my arducopter quad and not one day after getting it up and running, the thing has become totally unusable.  Not only that, I'm at a complete loss as to how to even go about diagnosing the problem(s).  Hopefully someone could lend me…
Mar 2, 2013