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Director/Chief Controller of Avitus UAV Systems. CASA UAV OC holder.

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Simon Butterworth replied to UAVOZ's discussion power generator attached to engine
"Hi, you can contact Andrew at millswood engineering as we are currently collaborating with him on a generater system which we use on our UAV. You can find a lind to his web site on ours www.avitus.com.au."
Oct 22, 2011
Simon Butterworth left a comment for jean brissi
"Hello Jean, thankyou for your enquiry and our UAV is in production and it has had some significant improvements to the one seen on DIY Drones. Please have a look at our web site www.avitus.com.au
If you have any questions please send us an email.…"
Oct 22, 2011
Simon Butterworth replied to wilsonj's discussion Can't get lock with U blox GPS, am I missing something?
"Hi Guys,
I'm having a similar problem, I can't get a GPS lock.
I have a Ublox LEA-5H GPS, which I have updated the firmware to 6.02. I followed the tutorial by the letter and have left the GPS connected to the U-Center, the GPS looks like it is…"
Jun 5, 2010
Simon Butterworth commented on Paul Konz (Needing R&D Partner)'s blog post Looking for Help!
"Hi Paul, please take a look at our web site and if we can be of any assistance please let us know. Our UAV would easily suit your application.

Kind regards,
Jul 11, 2009
Simon Butterworth posted photos
May 5, 2009
Simon Butterworth replied to Simon Butterworth's discussion Digital Servo,s
"Thanks guys, I'm not worried about the current draw because all the servos connect via a poxbox. The reason for asking is Im after a cheap autopilot to put loads of flight hours on our UAV during the test phase, it would be much easier having the…"
Feb 15, 2009
Simon Butterworth posted a discussion
Just wondering if any body is using digital servo's with their ARDU pilot and FMA Co-pilot? The reason for asking is becasue I have HS7955TG in my UAV and would like to know if they will be an issue.
Feb 12, 2009
Simon Butterworth left a comment for Bret C
Yes we will be selling our UAV's. Our first prototype as seen in the pics has foam core wings with balsa and glass covering. The product units will be full composite/honey comb hollow core construction which we are having CNC molds…"
Jan 29, 2009
Simon Butterworth left a comment for Bret C
"Hi Bret,
At the moment we are still flight testing and currently carrying 15kg in the nose, we are planning to expanded that out to 30kg along the payload compartment. At this early stage her flight speed envelope is 45 to 120 kts."
Jan 28, 2009
Simon Butterworth left a comment for Breaksbassbleeps
"Hi Alex,
Our UAV is based on 2 years of our own design and prototype testing. The UAV is designed for rapaid assembly and easy transportation and the main wing breaks down into 3 individual sections which are 1200mm long each. The 3 wing panels…"
Jan 9, 2009
Simon Butterworth left a comment for Rory Paul
"Hi Condor,

At this stage we haven't decided on an AP, we have just started test flying the aircraft under manual control until we are happy with the design. This aircraft was built and designed by myself."
Jan 7, 2009
Simon Butterworth posted photos
Jan 7, 2009