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Sonca lee posted a discussion in Learning to program the Ardupilot Mega
hello, i wanna use the arduino IDE to change the ArduRover's controller.but i dont have any program experience, i really wanna learn how to dowhat should i start???P.S i got the libraries codes already
Aug 27, 2013
Sonca lee posted a discussion in ArduRover User Group
Hello , i got a some confuse about the "controller" of APM ,  in auto mode ,the controller of rover use PID controller to control rover's turning & throttle.If i wanna change the controller of Rover... is that possible  to use "arduino IDE" to…
Aug 25, 2013
Sonca lee posted a discussion in Taiwan ROC ArduPilot Group
嗨囉,大家好,請問一下不知道能否辦到在arduino IDE上面寫程式取代ardupilot上面原有的PID的控制器?
Aug 25, 2013