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Pixhawk Stability

Hay Guys...
I am using Pixhawk with 3.3.3 quad. We use factory PID values. The first flight was in POS HOLD mode at an altitude of 7 meters. There was a slight wobble and jerk in the quad. We flew for about 4 mins. The next flight was the same POSHOL

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450Quad crashed in stabilize mode!!!

Hay guys....

                I was flying a 450quad with pixhawk3.3.3with vibration dampers, M8n gps, 3DR telemetry, BEC module and futaba transmitter. I had a clean fight in stabilize mode for about 3mins and then quad suddenly yawed in counter clock

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Quad flipped- pixhawk 3.3.3


    I am using a pixhawk3.3.3 with a quad. yesterday I was flying in altitude hold mode, suddenly quad flipped and drown into a pond. I couldnt recover pixhawk, esc and battery. out of four motors two were good and we couldnt check other two.  ther

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bec module not working

I using 3dr clone bec module. 

I calibrated the bec module in initial setup, set measured voltage 12.3 after measuring the battery volt by a multimeter. after a flight, I found that the voltage does not change in the telemetry data and In dataflash lo

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GPS Switch primary to secondary


I am using Pixhawk AC3.3 and two ublox m8n gps (primary and secondary redundancy).   I am currently facing two problems with gps.

1)  latitude and longitude for both gps mismatch nearly 4 to 5m difference in position 

2) whenever the SP in EKF4 sp

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