Quad flipped- pixhawk 3.3.3


    I am using a pixhawk3.3.3 with a quad. yesterday I was flying in altitude hold mode, suddenly quad flipped and drown into a pond. I couldnt recover pixhawk, esc and battery. out of four motors two were good and we couldnt check other two.  there were no error message in the dataflash log or in telemetry. imu and mag health were good. 

I have attached the log file.. I really appreciate if someone can analysis the log.. 

2016-12-09 13-37-11 - Copy.log

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  • I had a similar event about a month ago in Loiter mode (no pond though). Right rear shut off while hovering at about 2.5m and 4m in front of me. I saw the prop spin down as it was falling. It speared the ground straight on that arm. Only cost me the arm and 1 prop. Still, it was an anomaly that I can't find a cause for. Solder connections and plugs are all good and motors and esc's have worked flawless since. Maybe I'm missing something being a newb to the DIY stuff.

  • ESC calibration calibrates the PWM range - not related to such failure at all.

    The extra weight, could, make and ESC get to hot, or , the FETs inside may have a thermal protection that got trigged. 

  • Hay Andre K

                Thank for the review. We had a brainstorming for the root cause of the problem, that it might an esc issue by not calibrating ESCs after changing of a battery of different mAh (2200mAh to 9000 mAh). Is that could be a problem? Do we have to calibrate the ESCs after changing the battery?

  •  your rear left (#2) motor/esc/PWM connection/propeller failed,  near line 52717 the AP demands full throttle from it (attempting to control attitude), but it does not help.

    vibrations do not indicate partial propeller fragmentation. 

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