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TJ replied to Hugues's discussion LEDs use on APM2.5 board
"I am 100% certain you can not run 12v strip with the outputs of the atmega 2560 at a hardware level (fry the chip). 5v will be the output but even still the milliamp rating on the 2560 is not high. You should use a switching transistor to drive the…"
Feb 2, 2013
TJ replied to Graham Miller's discussion APM2 GPS
"Graham, as you stated, blue light on the GPS indicated a fix, the red light should blink continuously unless you have armed the motors. the blue light next to the red light may be solid or flash depending on activity of the board.
You should be able…"
Jun 14, 2012
TJ replied to TJ's discussion APM2 Telemetry rate
"Mike, can you please elaborate? I think what your pointing out is that at 100% duty cycle Tx will never cease to allow the module to stop and listen. How can I slow the telemetry stream to get below 100% duty cycle of the xbee?"
Jun 11, 2012
TJ posted a discussion
I need some expert APM2 Telemetry help.I'm using the Xbee XSC 900mhz units. Which sadly have a maximum RF baud rate of 9600.I'v managed to configure the SERIAL3_BAUD to "9" for 9600 (also tried "4" / 4800) and I'm able to recieve telemetry data from…
Jun 11, 2012
TJ replied to Nguyen Ha Minh's discussion APM2.0 output power rail stopped working
"My APM2 suddenly stopped working too from Output power rail. If I power it from the 5v/Gnd between the serial connection header pins, it powers up, though have not attempted to fly connected this way. USB power works fine. The only attached external…"
May 14, 2012
TJ replied to Marc's discussion Material
" I haven't tried it YET. But its the thought I'm running with. (found small air frame quads constructed like this)

I'm planning on using copper clad PCB for the entire airframe. Obviously etching off the copper to save weight, leaving it where I…"
Feb 26, 2012
TJ replied to TJ's discussion Arduino pro mini (as light controller / experiment platform) piggyback on APM2.
"After some further research I'v decided to use the ATtiny85 microcontroller for each bank of LEDs.
I'v also order up some RGB strip from tayda electronics.  They're in a waterproof package, we'll see how heavy it is. I'm fairly confident that the…"
Feb 20, 2012
TJ posted a discussion
Hi everyone.I'm planning on a quad build with the APM2. I'v done some arduino projects but still quite green in the arduino field.I'd like to design a very capable lighting system for the quad as I intend to eventually get some night flying in. Not…
Feb 20, 2012