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Hobbyking seems "Serious" now


Hobbyking just came with new large multirotor brushless motors.

 9235-100kv , that spins 30" props on 12S and capable of lifing 11kg each.

And for sure , these are cheap again, 1/3 of Tiger motor 10kg level, U11 motors.


Hobbyking selling needed props too..



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Proof of Concept Octacopter


This is a "Prototype" octacopter for my actual plan of octa.

Frame: 1250mm
Motors: 5010 360kv
props: 16" CF
APM : 2.6 with Arducopter 3.1.3 Firmware.

Frame is 1250mm Carbon fiber and it can not fit props more than 15" as a plain octo. and for my "Actual Plan" I don't want to make an X8, because as I read many thread, X8 has 30% less efficiency than a plain octa. My idea is to make an octa with 20" props , but for this size of props, required frame size could be too big to carry around. So, this prototype is like a "proof of concept".

I had 360kv motors for a long time, so i tried a new Prop layout to make 17" props fit on 1250mm frame and they are about 1 inch overlapping each other.
I inverted all CCW motors down and accordingly mounted props.
and left all CW motors on top and mounted props as usual.



I Just did initial setup and Without any PID tuning of APM2.6, it flies very well on default PIDs.

Question is : Is this setup/layout is less efficient or more efficient ?
Is it reliable ?

My actual plan is to build a copter that equals SteadiDrone QU4D X in performance.
for that I have following items in hand.
1- KDE Direct XF4014-380kv Motors
2- 18" and 20" High efficiency CF props.
3- Hobbywing Platinum 40A ESCs


4- T-Motors 40A ESCs T40A
5-I have many frames that could be used , or DIYing a frame isnt a matter.

For my Dream copter, that could be and octa or X8 or a simple quadcopter, I think this list is good to go.
As Gary McCray wrote in "Advanced MultiCopter Design" that :
"It is feasible to produce a QuadCopter that will approach the performance of the $15,000.00 Steadidrone at a fraction of the cost."
Suggestions are appriciated.

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Another APM clone "Ghost Version"

After HK's Mini clone, Here is another APM mini  clone.

Here you can read more about it.


Specs are not mention , I suspect if it is using same 2560 Mega.

With GPS it is only $81 , more cheaper than HKs.

Did it with trying on my beloved copters ?

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