Hobbyking seems "Serious" now


Hobbyking just came with new large multirotor brushless motors.

 9235-100kv , that spins 30" props on 12S and capable of lifing 11kg each.

And for sure , these are cheap again, 1/3 of Tiger motor 10kg level, U11 motors.


Hobbyking selling needed props too..



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  • See: https://www.facebook.com/Sky-Hopper-1856511447908122/ for pics and movies.

    Sky-Hopper, Heiloo. 545 likes · 8 talking about this. Sky-Hopper is dedicated to the development of eletric multicopters for personal aviation.
  • Tom, yes, good progress. I'm lifting 135 kg with a multicopter using these motors and props.

  • Any progress with these heavy lifting copters? I know there is a market out there for the economical heavy lifting craft. Just look at Microdrone or the DJI Matrice 600. 

  • Hello Guys,

    I'm actually testing with a quadcopter with these motors. The motors work fine, but I have considerable problems with the ESCs I'm using. I would be interested to share information with other builders using these motors. Does anyone know someone also working with these motors?



  • mine!

    it seems a perfect setting for my Spidex Mega


  • Foxtech has something for that..


  • What sort of frame would use them, or is it basically only for custom builders

  • I hope they are more durable than other Multistar motors I have purchased.

  • Developer

    Prop data is only meant as a indication of expected performance.

    The moment you change propeller brand you get different behavior. Only way to be sure, is to do actual tests with the combination you plan to use.

  • these motors are chinese made and used for heavylifting crop dusting applications.

    seep news section of armscopters.com.

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