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Newbie asking for some Pixhawk help!

Hi everyone,

I've been flying with a Pixhawk for a little while and probably getting away with the minimum amount of knowledge required to make it work.#

After a recent crash (which involved the Pixhawk) due to a lack of elevator authority (see the DIY

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Pixhawk quad crash - help analysing logs


I have recently set up a Pixhawk on a quad and the second time around a waypoint mission wanted to bring it down early in case the battery was close to being low. Just as I was switching to STABILISE mode it lost altitude and despite giving a full

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Uneven motor load for copter setup?

Hi guys,

There's a few issues I'd like to bring up here.

Here's the background: just loaded copter onto Pixhawk and plugged it into a quad frame (had it in the frame before but used the Pixhawk in a plane for a bit). Connected via mission planner and I

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Pendulum problem, help please


I have a bit of a problem that I'd like some help with if possible.

Inspired by I've teamed up with one of my friends who works in bat conservation in order to use drones (quadcopter) to survey bat populations. 

In order to

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