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Reversing Pitch.

Hello all.

I want to reverse my pitch for my quadcopter and unable to see how to. The forums say to tick the box in the mission planner in radio calibration but no boxes are there?

I have also tried on my Dx7 but doesn't seem to work. 

Can someone help

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Diy store now 3drobotics store?

Hello there, I am newish to this website. I ordered a the '3DR ArduCopter Quad-C Frame + Motors + Full Flight Electronics Kit' a few weeks ago which I will be picking up in the weekend but notice the store is no longer the diy store (or whatever it w

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Battery life?

Hello all, just curious about battery life?

I have my first quadcopter on order, but just curious what is the max flight time with batterys you can get from quad/octcopters? Of any size.


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Another Newbie, looking to build...

Hello all, merry xmas

I have been interested in quadcopters for some time. I have been flying those little ladybug quadcopter toys for a few months and now want to move to more the real thing.

I want to build/put together my own quad/hex/oct copter and

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