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geofence set up error

We seem to be getting a “geo-fence setup error” when turning on the fence since the last arduplane firmware upgrade.We have tried reloading and reading and creating new fences.

Is anybody else seeing that?

What are the conditions that trigger this erro

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APM2.0 not Nudging

I seem to be having an issue with my APM2.0 board where only the rudder nudges while in any of the Auto modes ie Auto, Loiter & RTL. All controls work fine in Manual, Stabilize & FBW-A. While in Auto modes all servos move to stabilize when rocking th

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Pitot Tube mounting

3690892916?profile=original3690892941?profile=originalThought I'd share a couple of pics of the system I'm using to mount the pitot tubes on my Bixler. I'm also using it to mount on the wing of my old Aerostar 40. It allows for a quick release when removing the APM from the chassis.

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