Austin, TX

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Retired Navy Vet. been in the RC hobby for about four decades, but relatively new to the Multi-rotor community. I like to build and fly, the sad truth is, in this hobby, I seem to be a dying breed. There is a growing community of builders and Hackers out there, but still very much the minority... I have experience with many different materials: Woods, metals, composites, etc.. I have the ability to: machine, weld, vacuum form, vacuum-bag, laminate (wood and Composite), and more.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Basically I just want to build a quad for some basic photography (GoPro) and fun. The recent regulations coming down from the FAA and AMA are a bit problematic but I hope that cooler heads will prevail in the near future. The Quad community, has been creating a great deal of problems for itself with the lack of self regulation. This is due to a lot of factors, ignorance, is high on the list. For now we all have to suffer the lumps, together.


Austin, TX

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Wolf Dilworth replied to Wolf Dilworth's discussion Need "english" docs on this DJI knock off.
"Hey Chris
Yeah, I have done many variations of that. After, sticks "down and out" hold, the rotors spin and sort of pulse very slightly.  Moving the sticks (either) around causes the rotors to surge a bit but they still quit after a few seconds.
Dec 17, 2015
Wolf Dilworth posted a discussion
Hello, Drone Brain TrustA good friend of mine (Vern), that works for "Servo", and "Nuts and Volts" mags, just got back from a business trip to China, where he won a DJI knock off as a door prize at a dinner event.He didn't even bother to open it…
Dec 16, 2015
Wolf Dilworth replied to Wolf Dilworth's discussion Need help with DIY Controller...
"They have a Gyro Shield for the board.  As for Bar, I believe the Mag and Accelerometers will take care of that."
Dec 8, 2015
Wolf Dilworth replied to Wolf Dilworth's discussion Need help with DIY Controller...
"Thanks Gary
You are the first person to actually respond to my query, I have posted on RCU and RCG's and nothing. The RCG's post got 82 views at last check, not one reply. Crickets.  It is funny how RCU leans more toward fixed wing folks, that are…"
Dec 6, 2015
Wolf Dilworth posted a discussion
Hey GangI have been into fixed wing RC for around four decades. Now, I have been bit by the Multi-Rotor scene. Being of the generation that built everything from scratch, or at least from a sizable pile of wood parts. I have worked with many…
Dec 5, 2015
Wolf Dilworth replied to S.Kasri's discussion take-over remote control of drones
"...and why do you want to take on the liability for someone else's property, without their consent?  You could be opening yourself for a legal headache, AKA, get sued.  You would have to prove intent of the multi-rotor operator.  You would be hard…"
Dec 5, 2015