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know a bit about software. want to learn more about hardware

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Young Lee posted a discussion
Hi,I'm a newbie and trying to do SITL of ArduCopter. Here is the steps I follow:1. I run ArduCopter.elf and get the following messeges:Starting SITL inputSerial port 0 on TCP port 5760Waiting for connection ....2. I type mavproxy.py --master…
May 31, 2012
Young Lee posted a discussion
I'm trying to retrieve some IMU data from the ArduPilot Mega with Oilpan and started reading the ArduCopter codes. I found the following lines from one of the codes:                Serial.printf_P(PSTR("%ld, %ld, %ld\n"),                           …
Mar 27, 2012