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factory reset

I just completed a factory reset because I lost the solo wifi after I installed solo command_CLI. I was expecting the factory reset cleans out all my setting and restore the firmware back to day 1 when I received the quad. 

To my surprised, my wifi na

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connect iris+ with dronekit

The dronekit guide said for window7, the connection string is "com14"

However, the following command 

vehicle = connect('com14', wait_ready=True,baud=57600)

produced a timeout exception

when the command is executed, I can see the out-going led of the tel

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dronekit connect for iris

The dronekit guide said the connection string for Window7 is 'com14',   When I entered

vehicle = connect('com14', wait_ready=True,baud=57600)

I got timeout error.

Does anyone know what is the correct connection string or workaround to resolve the proble

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