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A few question about antenna tracking

I'm a newbie in the antenna tracking, and I have a few question about this function in the Planner.

1. It seems I must point the antenna to the north before I fly, am I right?

2. Are the travels of servos adjusted using the "PWM range" box? How can I c

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Editable Polygon Point

Right now a polygon point in the planner can not be moved once it has been added. Is it possible to make them editable, i.e. can be dragged like the waypoints?


Another suggestion, when right click a waypoint/polygon point, it will be nice if a "delet

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Request for a 3D view

Is it possible to add a real time 3D view of plane/copter in the planner, just like those in QGroundControl and Happykillmore? It may be nice to display it in the FlightData tab, grouping with either the HUD or the map.

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Suggestion of Accelerator Keys

It may be a good idea to add some user configurable accelerator keys in the mission planner. For example, when I press "M" or some joystick button, the mode of APM changes to Manual. It may help reduce the number of buttons in the action tab, and let

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