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hozone replied to Bot Thoughts's discussion Magnetometer Soft- and Hard-Iron Calibration
"i'm also using Yury Petrov's Ellipsoid_fit as my magnetometer calibration procedure.
i collect 1000 raw values, and then launch the script.
then i use this formula to get calibrated values, and my magnetometer is calibrated
xt_raw = x_raw - offsetx;…"
Dec 7, 2012
hozone replied to William Blair's discussion A computationally inexpensive filter for IMUs
i've a problem with a gyro bias.i'm using mpu6050 and read data of accell and gyro, attitude estimation is done using mahony accel + gyro alghoritm.
for testing purpose i've built a processing gui, which consist of a rotating cube.
Oct 25, 2012