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Current setup : APM2 AC 2.6 with Lefebvre Yaw fixes HexTronic DT700 700kV BlueSerie 20A ESCs (simonK firmware) 11x48 cheap HK SF props 380MAX servo FRSky V8R7SP with DIY 28mm dipoles 4/5A turnigy SBEC APC220 433Mhz telemetry Minim OSD 12V Buck/Boost converter to power FPV gear Sony 520 TVL cam + OSD Fox 700 1.2 GHz 700mW vTx (inverted vee antenna) Flysky 9X flashed with ER9X MP running with mono on linux (fedora) vRx with Moxon rectangle antenna Crappy 2ch DVR

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Flown tricopters since the 4-gyros days. Had a tremendous amount of fun flying FPV. Decided to take it to the next level by adding an APM2 to the mix. After weeks of reading and days of tuning/tweaking I'm finally the happy owner of a stable yet very aerobatic tri. Time to lean toward autonomous stuff. To be continued...

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jazztech replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.6 released!
"Having a strange RTL issue with 2.6 : when activated, my tri always bank toward an apparently stochastic direction and maintain it's angle until I switch over to stab. I have the APM2 with stock MTK GPS, and a well tuned loiter. MinimOSD should…"
Jul 3, 2012
jazztech posted a discussion
Hi everyone !After being trapped in a "digging/tweaking/tuning/flying/repeat" loop for 3 weeks, I've finally managed to have a stable yet fully aerobatic tricopter which loiters fine and can be flown FPV with no probs. However, I still have some…
Jul 3, 2012