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I am a mechanical engineer

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jhon posted a discussion
Dear my friends Is it possible to connecting 7 SR04 to APM2.8? if it's possible please let me know how can I do that? thanks for your answers
Aug 2, 2017
jhon posted a discussion
dear my friendsIs it possible to use only one Hall sensor to determine the position of rotor in BLDC? I thought that maybe it's possible to count the magnets by only one Hall sensor and switching the mosfets. For example we have a 12 poles rotor…
Aug 1, 2017
jhon posted a discussion
dear my friendsI have a quadcopter and when I disarm motors one of them stop faster than others. I think there is a mechanical problem with it. Am I right? please help me. I truely appreciate it.thank you so much. 
Jul 21, 2017
jhon posted a discussion
Hi my friendsI have a quadcopter with APM.System works without problem, arm and disarm perfectly.Calibration OK, ENGINES TURN.Connect and disconnect battery and ESC sounds uncalibrated, not save settings.What's problem with that?Can not save the…
Jun 22, 2017
jhon replied to Motion Man's discussion MOT_SPIN_ARMED issue
"Hi my friends
I'm beginner to APM and I have a problem with MOT_SPIN_ARMED.
How can I spin my motors when APM is arm? default value of MOT_SPIN_ARMED is 70 and it's not spinning!!
What is the relation between MOT_SPIN_ARMED and THR_MIN?
Please help…"
Feb 14, 2017