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I like building and flying planes, tinkering with electronics, and programming. My planes are usually beat up...

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Currently working on an Android-based IMU autopilot.

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johnm545 posted a blog post
Hi folks,Time for an update on my Android-powered fixed-wing drone project, which I’ve just picked up again after 1.5 years of neglect.  After trying a few different approaches, I’ve come up with a fairly simple auto-thermaling algorithm which works…
Feb 6, 2014
johnm545 replied to Louis's discussion BIXLER CRASH THREE TIMES IN THREE DAYS WITH APM2 !!
"I've had similar incidents with a bixler.  They develop nasty stall behaviour with some weight on them, especially if the weight isn't centered laterally.  You have to level the wings using rudder and aileron before applying up elevator otherwise it…"
Dec 13, 2012
johnm545 commented on johnm545's blog post Running an autopilot on Android
"@Stefan: Plane is a Skywalker Sirius from bevrc.  Another Easy Star clone, but a little bit bigger. 

All the code is in an activity.  Lack of real time doesn't seem to matter, it's got plenty of CPU grunt to stay on top of things.  Linux kernals…"
Jul 20, 2012
johnm545 commented on johnm545's blog post Running an autopilot on Android
"@Chris: I plan on releasing the code at some point, but want to clean it up a bit first.  There's some big chunks of code with no comments and some "workyouf$&$#&%" variable names floating around in there.

@Savraj - Could use a server, but direct…"
Jul 16, 2012
johnm545 posted a blog post
Here's a fun little project I've been working on for ~6 months now.  It started when I looked at my phone and thought this has everything needed for an autopilot - 3-axis gyros, accelerometers, magnetometers, GPS, fast CPU, plus a nice big touch…
Jul 15, 2012
johnm545 posted a blog post
Hi folks,I've been working on a small C# program to enable hardware in loop simulation with FSX.  It's working nicely now, so I've posted the code up at http://code.google.com/p/fsxio/I've been using it to test my Android autopilot (subject for…
Jun 12, 2012
johnm545 commented on Manfred Dickgiesser's blog post Keep your GPS fix and system running while changing the Battery
"Alternatively, use a small 4-cell NiMh pack in parralel with the 5v power supply.  Makes a good emergency power supply for the servos and electronics in fixed wing planes.  If you do this, it's best to use a schottky diode on the esc/ubec 5v power…"
Jun 9, 2012
johnm545 commented on deadfalkon's blog post Building an Android based autopilot
"Real time or not, this works. Here are some tips. You will probably need to root your phone and set the CPU to a constant speed to get anything running off the android handler working smoothly. Otherwise it will throttle right down to one or two…"
May 14, 2012