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just ınterested ın electronıcs of UAV-s :)



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nardev commented on Gisela & Joe Noci's blog post Ball Turret Gimbal for small Cameras
"This is what i'm looking for to become available on the market. I believe any company can make it better than i :D "
Feb 5, 2013
nardev commented on s.v.itterzon's blog post RTP [Robot Test Platform] (updated)
"Could you please post some data sheets. I would like to know what motors you installed and more about components in "gear box".
I really like how it looks."
Jan 31, 2013
nardev commented on Eric Tweet's blog post Criminalizing Drones in Oregon
"wouuu :( sooo stupid"
Jan 31, 2013
nardev commented on Chris Anderson's blog post MIT research on indoor navigation with UAVs
"Does anybody know something more about this particular "The super fast, 40hz laser rangefinder"?
Is it something easy available to purchase?"
Dec 10, 2012
nardev commented on Steve's blog post Japan Reactor Aerials
"Great :)"
Apr 5, 2011