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peter morris replied to Alireza Manzoori's discussion Forwarding telemetry data (NOT the MAVLink stream!) from Mission Planner or other GCS
Missionplanner secretly (shhhh!)   outputs subsets of its internal data in response to html requests, in   JSON.     Take a look at     while Missionplanner is connected to a real plane or to a SITL aircraft. …"
Jan 2, 2019
peter morris replied to ChrisAT's discussion external barometer for PIXHAWK
"A mechanical solution may be simpler .... if your waterproof container is not rigid, the internal pressure will stay the same as  outside.   On a rigid container, you can drill a hole and glue on a loose piece of rubber  balloon to achieve the same…"
Jul 12, 2017
peter morris replied to Patrick Weeden's discussion Auto take off settings for catapult- please help
"hi Patrick

you asked 
Also, does anyone have some code that will average out amp consumption for the duration of a flight? It would be handy to average out from start to finish (Particularly in very windy conditions) to get an idea of overall…"
Feb 17, 2016
peter morris commented on Survmatic's blog post Survmatic Australia Nullarbor Ortho Quad
"very nice, especially the RFD Spektrum controller.

" We like to use the French made Dropix or the Autoquad for this unit, "  makes me wonder what do you see as the advantages of the Dropix over a 3DR pixhawk?  more robust connectors?"
May 21, 2015