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ultimate uav website launched

hello guys,

we are a dubai based UAV manufacturer and service provider.

we've been working quitely in the past few years providing custom drones to film companies and individuals.

Over the last 12 months we've been working hard to develop a compact dron

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Go pro hero 3 rolling shutter?


I am a bit fighting with my setup to get a fine tuned gopro image. gimbal is very stable and respond well to the changes while tested by hands or on the ground but once in the air I get this stupid go pro effects!


I am using custom made 2 axis gim

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APM burning out


I have something strange on my copter.

my APM burnt right after connecting batteries to the power module.


what I mean to say by burnt is I have no more com port detected and APM green light stays on but other lights off. when I click reset blue lig

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X8 props distance

ok guys, need your advise, on an X8 frame quad, what should be the distance between the top and bottom props?


I am planning on 27" props fyi...


thanks in advance for your advises!

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Large OctaQuad


started to work on the design of my next multicopter which will be using new U8 T-motors 135kV.


I thought for long between hexa frame, Quad and OctaQuad.

I think I want to go for OctaQuad for the extra power while not having a giant multicopter!


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retractable landing gear


could not find on the documentation or forum some automated landing gear experience.


is it possible to have it controlled by APM2.5 maybe when we trigger landing function or return to home or any other good idea? this combined with sonar should wo

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