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"OK, thanks for the info!"
Apr 5, 2017
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"Wow, interesting.  So you're switching between the two servo outputs mid-flight using a multiplexer?  How does this work in practice?  Do you first use Baseflight to get it up to hover, then apply some forward thrust, while switching to the iNav…"
Apr 5, 2017
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"Thanks.  I guess I am curious how the two processors work together.  How are you switching between hover and forward flight?"
Apr 5, 2017
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"Would you be willing to share your iNav build for your custom tailsitter?  Would love to experiment with it here.

Apr 5, 2017
rimb05 replied to rimb05's discussion HIL Simulation broken in ArduPlane 3.02 onwards
"Yep, submitted an issue."
May 27, 2014
rimb05 posted a discussion
In AP HIL v3.02 and 3.03, as soon as X-Plane starts sending packets, all servo outputs go to 1.0.  Also, the mode stays on INITIALIZING.  Disabling X-plane packet transmissions brings the servo outputs back to normal.Loading 3.01 makes the issue go…
May 27, 2014
rimb05 commented on moglos's blog post Anatomy of a 301 km Flight
"Would you mind sharing your APM config file? It would sure help those of us who want to duplicate this record flight."
May 11, 2014
rimb05 posted a blog post
I ran across this if anyone is having trouble grasping the concept of PID loops. Great, simple explanation:http://www.pc-control.co.uk/feedback_control.htmRim
Mar 27, 2010