Craigieburn, Vic

About Me:

I am a sometime scientist, mathematician and engineer and I have some info on linkedin if you are that type.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I don't have "interests", I have bugs. At one point it was robots. Now it's robots that fly. I have a simple 450 that's seen better days. I'm "upgrading" to a Seeker with FPV capabilities. And then there's the "Raven" which I'm too scared to take out and fly. The first flight is likely going to be the last as well. My former mode of travel was via semi autonomous truckbot. See my http://youtube.com/user/kymhorsell page for some several years' old footage of same.



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russell kym horsell left a comment for Liz Barry
"Hi Liz, had a look at mapknitter with some "mystery" images of my own; part of a wheatfield in KS.
First problem -- it didn't understand my working jpegs (sans EXIF of course). "Bogus length" message. Another false start when uploaded .pnm but only…"
May 23, 2013
russell kym horsell left a comment on Agricultural UAVs
"Eric T was asking about how images are stitched together.
I don't know how keeyen pang et al do it, but the process I think is quite simple and the s/w can be developed easily from open source.
I've experimented with "visual mapping" for ground…"
Apr 24, 2013
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Apr 17, 2013
  • russell kym horsell It's a kit from Adnan from fpvhobby. diydrones.com/profile/AdnanUElker
    Apr 20, 2013
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Apr 13, 2013
russell kym horsell replied to David Anders's discussion Forth DIYDrones Melbourne Group Meeting in Melbourne
"I'll just kibbitz for now, if that's OK. I really don't want to stack my poor 450  again; and the Seeker is still a-building and waiting on parts. If anyone wants to see crrcsim flying a + quad around Davis Field or a windy Cape Cod and reading live…"
Apr 13, 2013
russell kym horsell replied to David Anders's discussion Location in Melbourne
"I'm out in Craigieburn, centre of housing development, bushfires, and lots of wide open grassy spaces for take-off and crashing. I'm a public-transport user."
Apr 13, 2013