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10th grade STEM school

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very inerested

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seif helal commented on Bharat Tak's blog post Comprehensive APM2.5(brand new) Xbee Troubleshooting all available options
"please I am a beginner and I have http://store.fut-electronics.com/Zig-11SHD006.htmlcan i connect it to APM 2.5 using ordinary telemetry cable for the APM i am using xbee http://store.fut-electronics.com/11XBp24bZ7pIT-004.html"
Mar 30, 2013
seif helal commented on Martint BuildYourOwnDrone.co.uk's blog post ArduPilot Mega & Arducopter 2.4 GHz Telemetry Kit for UK & EU
"pleaseabout APM 2.5 and connecting the xbee 2.4 and i bought this   http://store.fut-electronics.com/11XBp24bZ7pIT-004.html
waiting for answer. "
Mar 29, 2013
seif helal commented on Arthur Benemann's blog post [Update] DroidPlanner v0.4.0 - Ground Control Station for Android devices
"can it work with xbee?"
Mar 29, 2013