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Pixhawk & Sonar

My pixhawk came in the mail today for my APMRover!

I have 2 MB1240 Sonars and was wondering where I can find a cable to hook them up to the PixHawk. I am assuming I will need to power it one way and then connect the other pins 2-5 to the I2C bus. 


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Wow - Thank you GPS/Telemetry!!!

3DR-B Quad frame

880kv motors

APM 2.0

MP 1.2.9 and Firmware 2.6.1 <-- I think - I already upgraded 2.7.3...

Turnigy 20amp (stock ESC)

4500mah Nano Turnigy battery

Telemetry 3DR Radios 433mhz (so much better than my Xbee's)

Turnigy 9x 2.5ghz, er9 fir

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Video 1.3ghz

So I am waiting for my APM 2 to arrive... While I wait I am trying to finalize my setup.

I'm in USA

3DR Quad with 880kv motors / 11x47 props

Turnigy nano-tech 4500mah batteries

Telemetry xbee Kit 900mhz

Turnigy 9x 2.4ghz

So I think I need to go with a 1.3g

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