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EnsoMosaic - Arduplane Log interface

Hi all, I have just merged some new code for exporting from Mission Planner the necessary files for Ensomosaic integration (*.TRP and *.GPS).

I'd like to get in touch with some users of EnsoMosaic in order to test the development done.... a feedback f

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PID settings for HK FPV (arduplane)

Hi All,

i'm setting up the parameters for APM2.5 arduplane for my HobbyKinf FPV.

Anyone has the same airplane?

I'd like to doublecheck my parameters (I will fly in a good wind 25/30 km/h)

Any suggestion? (the airplane is similar to skywalker 1680 FPV pla

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xbee with Mavlink 1.0

I have a trouble with Xbee, it happen after the last update.

On hexa, the xbee module have blue and red light switched on, trying to connect with mission planner (57K), I see the following errors:

 in ArdupilotMega.MAVLink.readPacket() (:0) [ProgressRe

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Hexacopter in almost strong wind

Dear all,

yesterday I went to fly with my new hexa (second flight session). At the flying field there were a 20/25 km/h wind. I decided to try to fly in stabilize mode and after some troubles in takin off I realized I was not able to control the hexa,

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Aerial pictures with hexacopter

Dear all, I'm new in this forum, so it may be I will ask something already discussed..

It is my intention to build an hexacopter and to equipe it with 2 digital cameras with infrared remote trigger.

The intention is to shot one picture per camera at ea

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