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PixHawk APM 2.0 help

So I have not flown in a long time and I just replaced motors/props and ESC's I am trying to recalibrate everything and update it all and get flying again.  

When I go to initial setup in APM it does not recognize and I can't update firmware..  I am u

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Where To Buy Pixhawk

I bought my original at 3dr and now it says out of stock.  Should I buy a fake?  I dont want to. lol!

I want to get the controller and the GPS and all the goodies.

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What Freekin Motors To Buy???

I have been looking for the past 8 hrs trying to find motors to upgrade the Tarot 680.

I can do 12" or 13" props but now what about the motor?

Im using AFRO 30a with SimonK (would rather not buy new ones if I dont have to)

Im flying a T2D gimbal with a

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First Flight With Tarot Gimbal

Frame: Tarot Hexa 680

Gimble: Tarot 2 axis

Motors: Mystery 2814-8a 1000kv

Props: Carbon Hobbyking 12x4.5

ESC: Hobbyking Blue series with simonK

Computer: 3DR Pixhawk w/3DR GPS

Batt: Nanotech 4s 5000mah

Camera: GoPro Hero 2

Radio: Turnigy X9


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