Anhui province

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I am a college student in xi'an China.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am interested in ARDUCOPTER. And I have bought one APM 2.0 for learning. And I want to make new FCS program by myself and upload it in to APM 2.0 to test the program.


Anhui province China

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zhian yan commented on Warren Eather's photo
"Thanks, john. I want to get the log and the quad size because I want to use the PID as  a reference to tune my quadplane. I am not firmilar with the PID tuning. So if Warren want to share the fly log, it will be best. "
Feb 29, 2016
zhian yan commented on Warren Eather's photo
"Great job,Warren! Nice, I also want to follow you building such a VTOL, can you share your building process, such as the motor type and quad size? If the fly log is available, it will be best, thanks! "
Feb 29, 2016