1mmx1mm Digital Camera on 8mmx8mm PCB

A complete CMOS camera with integrated thin chip lens, LVDS output mounted on a PCB can be integrated into almost any form factor. The camera comes in monochrome and Bayer Pattern Color. The unit can be ordered with out the lens and conventional lenses can be used. 40fps extending to 100fps, this small device is the perfect camera choice for multiple camera imaging on UAV's.

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  • Hi Martin,

    Here is a Youtube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNW1YHUYWkc

    I have complete camera specs, send an email to me at:   kdbusto@vegatecgroup.com

    We have used it for multi-spectral imaging, putting up to 8 Naneye cameras on a UAV with cut filters for specific wavelengths. We built a panoramic 360 degree system with 16 Naneye.

    There is also a stereo 3D version available, built by the manufacturer.

    This version is 240x240 pixels, but they also have a larger Naneye GS that is 640x640 pixels. Plus a stereo version that is1280x640.

    We also redesigned one of the manufacturers other sensors, XF 2336, for High Dynamic Range, so that flights in to the Sun will not saturate the imager and allow the detection of objects in the path of the UAV or flying at it.

    These are rugged cameras & sensors, built to Automotive Standards & Mil-Standards.

  • Could you post a bit more information about this sensor? A demo video would be nice.

    I'm very much interested in using something this tiny on some of our smaller planes.

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