here is the little quad that I have.. flies amazingly well with a 18min runtime if the video feed is off... running 10" blades and 4400mAh, 3S battery

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  • This one had too many LEDs to make the camera useful with the lights were on..  the new frame has 6 at the tip.. which I should probably had moved back so very is projected were the camera is looking.

  • some of this equipment got moved to my TBS.

  • I did fly it in complete darkness and the camera's low LUX is not good if you turn the lights on... which the lights and the video transmitter+camera are on remote controlled switches which is nice with the 14 channel receiver.

    With the LEDs on you can't see jack... after flying it at night it has made me want to upgrade with full night vision style equipment.. IR illuminators, etc... the parts are ordered but coming from hong kong so it will take some time.. I also broke down and orderd a TBS Discovery frame.. which uses the same DJI arms but extends the core area and spreads the front arms... a good winter project.

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