FMA Copilot

FMA Copilot to BOE Connection with Servo Controller

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  • I use pin 15, but you could any of them as long as you change it the program.
  • now i own a basic stamp but not a homework kit like you own the only difference is that it doesnt have the servo connectors on it now what pin would the servo controller go to?
  • oh
  • To be honest, when the battery is hooked up to the BOE, the current passes all the to the copilot receiver, so the receiver itself doesn't need a battery supply directly.
  • 3D Robotics
    Actually, he's got that going into the AC adapter power port, which can handle 6-9v. The board regulates that down to 5v, which is what the stamp and other chips run at.
  • how come you have the stamp running on 6 volts rather than the required 9?
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