AirbotPower Board


AirbotPower boards for easy and tidy power distribution and current measurement for your advanced system.

Quick Facts:

Current measurement: Robust industrial grade ACS758 Hall effect current sensor up to 150/200A which is much more reliable than the INA chip found on 3DR PM or Attopilot

Voltage measurement: dip-switch selectable voltage divider for any battery voltages from 3S to 8S, optimized for a 3.3V ADC scale, therefore providing optimized measurement resolution

Provides ultra-smooth power sources

2 x 5,3Volts power feeds up to 3.5 amps

1 x 12 Volts power feed up to 3.5 amps (requires >=4S batteries)

Equivalent of three L/C filters on each power feed

Equivalent of three ferrites on each power feed

A primary DF13 6 position connector for direct plugging into Pixhawk power port

and much more ...

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