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  • Hi Thoha,

    I think that I have the same problem as you describe, see

    Do you remember how you solve it?

    Calibration always fail.

  • problem solved, it just need sensor callibration

  • Hi George P, thanks for comment. the value never change even the board in iverted position. so I think the accelerometer is broken
  • I think this is the earth's gravity that apply continuously to z axis of the MPU-6000 accelerometer.

    If the MPU-6000 is ranged for +-4G the output value for -1G is -8192.

    Also your sensor is not absolutely horizontal, for this, you read a slightly less value than -8192 and a value of 61 on y axis.

  • Why this value never change? ----->>> az : -7999
    Is this normal or something wrong with the accelerometer Z axis?
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