AP-201 is an AP System that is professional and full–functional. In addition to the tactical–precision MEMS inertial sensor and high–performance processor, it also integrates Novatel high-precision RTK GPS receiver. It is an ideal choice for various professional UAVs with auto take-off/landing function.

Key Features:

Centimeter–level position/height precision, supports the landing roll of fixed and mobile platforms and a variety of precise recovery modes, such as net-recovery, mid-air cabling etc..

Integrated with high-precision IMU combined module, high-precision static/dynamic pressure sensor, high-precision magnetic sensor and high-precision GPS module, enabling attitude error less than 0.5 degrees.

Temperature compensation within -40 oC - + 85 oC for all the sensors.

With high–performance GPS/SINS/AHRS fusion algorithm of update frequency of 200Hz, it automatically switches to AHRS mode in case of poor GPS signal.

The speed and location can also be calculated in the AHRS mode. The calculation error of location is less than 1 Km in case of loss of GPS signal for 10 minutes.

Communication interfaces such as CAN, RS232, RS485, RS422, input/output interface(up to 24 channels) and 6 channel 16 Bit AD are available for users.

Provides standard interface protocol to support the flight simulation of hardware in the loop.

Built-in 32MByte data storage unit is able to record complete flight data of 4 to 8 hours.

Built-in 900MHz frequency-hopping data transceiver with transmit power of 1W enables the communication distance up to 30 km ~ 60 km.

Main Applications:

Fixed-wing UAV supports autonomous landing roll, net-recovery and mid-air cabling)

Unmanned helicopter (supports autonomous landing and coordinated turn routes)

Electrical Parameter:

Power supply: DC input, voltage range: 8 - 26V

Power consumption: < 7W

Physical Feature:

Overall dimensions: 125 × 85 × 50 mm

Weight: 490 g

Service Environment:

Storage temperature: - 55 oC to + 85 oC

Operating temperature : - 40 oC to + 70 oC ( calibration temperature rang)

Email: www.fu-yang@byitri.com

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