AP-300, based on AP-202 automatic pilot, is a professional flight control & navigation system of high reliability. It was developed with triplex-redundancy and high reliability technology.

Main application

●Flight control and navigation of professional unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) (including fixed wiring and helicopter)

●Integrated platform for flight test sensor/airborne computer/

data acquisition recorder

●Airborne platform for aircraft parameter identification test

●Flight control & navigation system for general aviation purpose


●Flight control & navigation system is integrated with three units of IMU combined

module, dynamic and static pressure sensor and magnetic sensor of high accuracy,

two-set of single point GPS and one set of high-precision RTK GPS/ BeiDou positioning module;

●Supports external high performance IMU sensor (laser or optical fiber gyroscope),

navigation equipment, vertical gyroscope and magnetic heading sensor;

●Each channel is equipped with independent Freescale MPC5200B processor, enabling navigation solution, redundancy management, fault isolation and reconstruction;

●Provided with navigation control resolution of three channels, real-time data sharing available for sensor data, parameters and output instruction of all three channels;

●All IO and AD input are collected and simultaneously updated by there-channel to

ensure the reliability of input.

●Cross data link consists of standard FlexRay double-channel redundant bus with

communication bandwidth up to 10M featured by high real-time and reliable

fault-tolerant communication;

●PWM and IO output of all the three-channel switch and synthesize through CPLD

switching logic and output after optoelectronic isolation;

●Providing two-set optional wireless data link interface to ensure reliable communication of wireless data chain;

●Applying high performance GPS/SINS/AHRS calculation with 200Hz update frequency and automatically switching to AHRS pattern in case of poor GPS signal for all three


●Speed/position calculation under AHRS pattern, and the position calculation error

within 1km in case of loss of GPS signal for 20 minutes;

● Providing users with such interfaces as communication interface, e.g. CAN, RS232,

RS485, RS422, etc. and 24-channel digital signal output (PWM output or general digital output), 16- channel digital signal input (PWM signal acquisition or general digital

input) and 7- channel 16-bit AD;

● Providing standard interface protocol to support flight simulation of hardware in the


●Built-in 96MByte data storage device is able to fully record 20 hours' flight data;

●Equipped with Souriau aviation connector.

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