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APM2.5 Straight Pins Enclosure

APM2.5 Straight Pins Enclosure

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  • Why does the store send out an email saying this item is now available but when you go to the store to buy it says this item is backordered?  I've got an order wiating to process but want one of these added to my order.  Just frustrated....

  • Nice Design. Superb. Like those Ramps. ;) They look really sharp and strong. 

  • So the "mystery port" on the APM2.5 is labelled "PM" ???  Hmmmm.....

  • 3D Robotics

    Thanks for the comments guys, it should only be a few more weeks before we can start shipping them.

  • Developer

    Man this is seriously cool!

  • Developer

    Awesome, Alan! This one has a more contemporaneous look by mixing curves and straight lines. These Futaba inserts adds a nice touch too. Congrats!

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