ArduCopter Hexa PowerPCB

First previews of ArduCopter hexa power PDB.

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  • Are there any source files for this PDB please ?

  • Developer

    Owen, yeah they are same as our earlier jDrones purple motors. We just changed their color to differencieate from 3DR and RCTimer stock motors as those are not same like what we have been always having. And soon there will be another line of motors coming too....

  • Distributor

    Hello Owen,


    Is this the information you are looking for on the Hexa board?





  • Yeah awesome, just got one of these, so I'm hanging for guidance to wire it up too. The new black motors from jDrones look awesome, I assume they're identical otherwise to the purple units I got with my AC kit Jani?


  • Does anyone have an assembly drawing for this Power Distributioin Board?  I need to know the cabling for a HEXA layout.


  • Developer
    Scott, not yet as they just came from factory. Basically old Quad PCB guide it good to start with. Hexa guide will follow shortly to wiki pages.
  • Hi, I have just purchased 2 of these boards for my Droidworx's project and was wanting to know if their is any assembly documentation available?
  • Developer
    Hai, PCB's arrived on last Friday evening and they were packed during weekend, shipping for those starts today (Monday 11th)
  • Moderator
    I pre-ordered a week ago, apparently the boards are in, order still showing processing (instead of shipped).
  • Is it possible to upgrade quad to hexa by ordering missing parts?
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