Another ArduCopter Hexa proto. Final frame is starting to form properly.

This version has landing gears that are meant for 600-700 Series helicopters. Nice looking but a bit heavier LG's. Having specially made mount plates for this LG

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  • Hi Chris, no I didn't, I've got a current sensor onboard, so I'll see if I can get that to talk to me, thanks

  • 3D Robotics

    Owen: I think the answer is "battery life". Did you measure the current draw difference between the two?

  • ...most curiously, I just did a thrust test on my jDrones purple 850Kv motors to compare the factory 10x4.5's versus the 12x4.5's. I've been advised I should only use the 12" with the 880Kv motor, and 10" with the 850kv.

    A-2830-12 850Kv "purple" standard Arducopter motor at full throttle:

    -600 grams with the 10"

    - 945 grams with the 12"

    Can someone explain why I wouldn't want the max thrust from my motors, and therefore use the 12" props?

  • Hi Jani, good work man, looking forward to seeing the camera mounts. Any ETA on the OSD breakout board yet? I really don't wan't to buy a Remzibi if I don't have to (weight), but I lost my quad the other day in someones front yard after the wind took it away :(

    Got it back, as I had my web address and "reward offered" printed on it. Would love to have lat/long co-ords in case it happens again

  • Developer
    Mainly default PIDs due they work rather ok for our hexas
  • Jani,

    would you please advise what PIDs are you running the hexa ?

  • well, not detect anything,

    actually you have to change nothing - the copter is naturally tilting to the missing motor side, and naturally the opposite side motor should go lower throttle.

    but it just dont happen ENOUGH, probably a MINIMUM throttle limit in the code.

    but if the code allows the opposite motor to go zero throttle, it should work !

  • Developer
    Unfortunately it is kinda impossible to do, there are no ways to detect properly of what type error there are in one "corner". But as for general failsafe, yes we are working to create one.
  • David great idea !

    i tried to take off with my hexa with one missing prop. but it will never overcome it,

    even when going the full stick to the working motor direction it will never lower throttle enough to the opposite motor of the missing one

  • Would be great to create a fail safe mechanism where if one blade or engine goes out, the opposite one is turned off and the hexacopter gracefully degrades to a quad.
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