ArduCopter - Landing Gears / Dome partsd

This little ArduFeet went to Japan and this little ArduFeet went to Brazil and this went to USA and this... UK. There are small ArduFeets soon everywhere :)

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  • Developer

    And not to mention the smokes/fume that comes out from PC laser cut is really dangerous..

  • ha ha, yeah I tried lasering Polycarb, my neighbours complained about the smell and acrid smoke for days after. My acrylic legs take a good hammering, but they're doubled up, so weight is slightly compromised.
  • Developer
    They are all CNC routed due you cannot laser cut Polycarbonate. If you make dome and landing gear from Acryl, it's too weak and breaks easily on crashes. Currently I have one desicated guy who is running CNC all day long and cleaning those parts after CNC run.
  • Hey Vincent.No idea how to upload a file to this forum, other than images, but hit me with your email and I'll send the file through. As for the dome, Droidwork, here in New Zealand sell them for NZ$90, but I managed to score one from the local company that manufactures them. I'll look into perhaps a bulk deal, or I'll male-mould my one, and try vac-forming some clones.The legs have a notch cut out at the top, the rim of the dome sits in. cheers
  • Owen, I would be interested in the dxf's.

    Where did you get the dome?

  • Hey Jani, are they laser cut/engraved, or CNC routed all the way? I've been laser engraving the rebate to fit over the frame, then laser cutting the outline on my long legs, doubling them up for more strength and they work really well. For concrete landings though, I'm almost thinking it needs some method of cushioning. Still working on a recovery chute too for when I hold my breath too long from stress and collapse. If anyone wants the DXF files, just ask!


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    Yes that is correct, there are 4 arches that covers whole electronics and center area of quad. Arches are connected on top level with two rings. Inside rings is a place for GPS. Hexa and others will have different amount of those arches.

    "A dome is a structural element of architecture that resembles the hollow upper half of a sphere. Dome structures made of various materials have a long architectural lineage extending into prehistory."

    No one says that dome has to be closed.. Ok well you could call this as cage too but usually cages have more squarish or other sharper edges so that's why I call it as dome. :)
  • @ Jani
    When you say protective dome...yours is more like a cage. Not trying to pick at straws here but your frame has a protective cage comprised of arches (which do outline a dome). I use polycarb CCTV camera domes in my frames - which are exactly that, (a solid semi circular bowl). And I have seen drawings showing 4 arches for your frames - is this correct?
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    Landing gear and protective dome is made from Polycarbonate due it's strong and can take a lot of "punishment" without breaking like Acryl. There are Acryl on frame too but they are in places that are not normaly get any big hits. LG naturally get's most of the hits. Frame has been going trough some serious damage tests and survived really good on those.

    Full frame price is still a bit open, it depends on final parts list and list will be closed after we have received enough feedback from beta frames. But price for frame it self will be around 130-150 USD. Full kit price with electronics, motors, ESCs, props, frames will be less than 500 USD.
  • Nice! what material did you use? What about the price of the kit?
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