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  • Hello Marcin,


    Can you describe deaply your solution please?

    I want to make the same modification to APM board like yours.

    What software did you used (megapirates or arducopter) and what modifications have you done in order to obtain the full usage of MS5611?

    Thank you.

    Best regards.

  • Moderator

    I am not familiar with the MS5611, could you have wired this to the empty pins just below the board in the photo, the expansion ports? Or to some of the analog pins on the back of the board? Just wondering, since there are more people who are likely to add a sensor like this if they do not need to remove a SMD.

  • Hi friends, here is my modified AP Mega,
    I replaced the sensor BMP085 to MS5611,
    of course, the modifications of source code was neccesary

    Now my arducopter can hold altitude in the range of about 30-50cm

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