CradyCopter Rev III

Freshly rebuilt after a minor mishap. A set of too-heavy props caused a flywheel effect that swamped the APM in AutoTune.

Took the opportunity to flash my ESCs with BlHeli. The process was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

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  • Thanks, Muhammad. I had been flying with the lightweight 14x5.5 multirotor props from APC (P/Ns LP14055MR and LP14055MRP) and wanted to try 15-inch props for longer flight times. Unfortunately, APC doesn't have any 15-inch props that are designed "specifically" for multirotors.  They 'do' however, have e-props in a 15x4 size (P/Ns LP15040E and LP15040EP) which should have been perfect but what I failed to account for was their significantly increased weight.

    I now have 15x5 carbon fiber props on order that are even lighter than my 14s.  Lesson learned.  =)

  • What were the too heavy props? 

    Very neat setup by the way.

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