a vtol car i was working on a while back

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  • hey i just found the hover bikes web site, http://www.hover-bike.com/index.html it is a very cool looing bike/aircraft and follows the same layout as i used, and i should mention this basic designe was also used in the 1950's on the piaseki air jeep although the air jeep was very large, and although powered by two turbines it was not powerful enough to do more then float around about 5 ft off the ground http://www.aviastar.org/helicopters_eng/piasecki_airjeep.php another great aircraft along this line is the Hiller flying platform http://www.hiller.org/flying-platform.shtml both of these unique aircraft are worth looking at if you have never seen them before

  • thank you i designed this on paper about 15 years ago and then put it into a 3d drawing about 4 years ago just found it this morning and thought i would share it with the community i had ideas about using the tail rotor drive train from a mosquito helicopter to drive the rotors using two motors and a belt drive system

  • This very much reminds me of the Hoverbike



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