AWC01 is a data link device which was designed for the racing drones, including an airborne terminal equipment and a ground terminal equipment. We developed AWC01 by an integrated design scheme, which can provide wireless image and data transmission for the racing drones at the same time.

The ground end equipment of AWC01 is configured with digital ports of WIFI, USB interfaces, can be connected to VR head display, intelligent mobile phone, tablets and other digital devices,

With the use of specialized APP, you can achieve a variety of functions, such as FPV, OSD, PTZ controlling. Using AWC01 to constitute immersion flight system , compared to the traditional solution to achieve the same functions, it has the advantages of high integration degree, simple structure of data link, strong versatility (client devices do not need special FPV glasses and FPV display), low cost, good experience, and so on.

Furtherly, AWC01's digital design provides a great space for the development of more imaginative functions of racing drones.

Advantage of AWC01 :

Our AWC01 package Content : ( Digital +Analog ) transmitter . Ground station . App .VR goggle ( optional part )

A. Video / data Transmission : Video + Data + HUD + Head tracking

1. it Is not necessary to install OSD and through OSD for video/data transmission )

2. Head tracking won’t be controlled by remote control

B. Viewangle : About 90 degree

C. Connections : Our AWC01 is with WiFi, which is allowed to connect to many different device ( VR goggle , VR display , Mobile , tablet )

D. VR application : Good performance for VR

If there is any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. It would be our pleasure and responsibility to try to give you quick answer and best support. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards

Shirley Jang / Sales and Marketing dept. (AeroView Taiwan office )

Shenzhen Aeroview Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

email :

Skype : shirley_jang1006

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