Droidworx CX-4

Droidworx CX-4 frame

DJI Wookong Controller

4x Axi heavey lift motors

4 x hooby wing ESCs (soon to be upgraded)

Graupner 5x11 E props (too small)

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  • Hi Lebdog

    A ball nosed allen key slipped in there just nice!

    I think 12inch props would be a bit more efficient but she flies real nice as she is so will probable leave it as it is. She climbs like a rocket on full juice!
  • Very Nice, just combing through the photo section.  I like the gun metal!
    Did you have to do something  special to tighten the motor mounts to the arm mount?
     In the case of my AVROTO motors, basically the same motors, I couldn't get at the allen head to tighten it, so I just went by hand.  I will use needle nose with rubber tips to make sure it's secure..  
    So you think a 12" prop is the way to go too??   

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