There are 36 (!) rotors (long story) in the PoC, although a production version would have 12. The 46-inch rotor blades are hand-made from carbon-fiber and balsa wood, roughly resembling a Clark-Y profile (flat bottom). Figuring out the ground effect aerodynamics was critical, since they're fixed-pitch. Nobody has ever done this before.

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  • Your neighbors must love you.

  • Nope, not a joke.  And there's nothing particularly wrong with an R22.  You just need to be a skilled pilot to fly it and have quarter million USD to purchase one.  The production versions of these will be less than 10% of that cost, and in the USA there will be no pilot certification requirements (per FAR 103).

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    I am trying to see if this is a photoshoped joke.

    Whats wrong with an R22?
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